Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Contractors

Landscaping Contractors

Were you pleased with the result of the last landscaping contractors you hired? Well, if you are here, you probably weren’t. Do not fret because with PPVS, you will be provided with excellent landscaping service worth your trust and money.


Hard Landscaping

We construct pergolas, outdoor decking, water features, and fences to add to the aesthetics of your garden or outdoor space. We have expertise in any rigid material used to improve your landscaping. There is no shortage of designs where we are concerned. Our hard landscaping contractors understand it takes more than just a pretty flower design to make your outdoor space appealing.


Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping is the reason people associate every outdoor greenery with landscaping in general. This method utilises trees, soil, shrubs, and every kind of natural turf. Our soft landscaping contractors always ensure clients receive various soft landscaping ideas that complement their styles and preferences.

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Our Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services


The overall upkeep of the outdoor area is a crucial part of our maintenance services. We keep everything in tip-top shape while you save money and carry out all maintenance practices that suit your budget. With us, your newly landscaped grounds would always look appealing.

Paving Repairs

Repairs to your pavings extend the lifespan of your walkways. Did you know that customers have a habit of judging businesses by their outdoor appearance? Therefore, displaced pavement blocks on your compound will likely be misinterpreted as your lack of attention to detail. PPV Solutions helps you avoid these inconveniences by putting your walkways and paving in excellent shape.

Tree Surgery

Our soft landscaping contractors prune and treat damaged (or old) trees in your outdoor areas. Also known as arboriculture, our team of experts can quickly identify which trees require cavity filling and branch strengthening to extend their lifespan.

Litter Removal

Since this is the primary activity of all grounds maintenance, it is also the most critical. Your business’ outdoor area will remain spotlessly clean under our care. Because we understand that your environment is an extension of the company you run, we do not take cleanliness lightly. We will clear dried fallen leaves and every kind of waste material inadvertently left on your compound.

Landscape maintenance

The art of keeping your landscape appealing, safe, clean, and healthy is our vocation. We never relent on our efforts to create an upscale market for your business.